What is the Farm-to-Fork strategy?

The Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy is the ten-year plan developed by the European Commission to guide the transition to a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system. It is the first time that the European Union tries to design a food policy that proposes measures and objectives that involve the entire food chain, from production to consumption, naturally passing through distribution.

The Farm to Fork Strategy represents a pillar of the European Green Deal and all actors of the farm-to-fork food chain are called to play their part in ensuring the safety and quality of food while reducing food loss and waste. To boost the uptake of this food chain, innovative and cost-effective solutions for monitoring food quality and safety are urgently needed.


By designing a no-gaps system that securely monitors the value chains from farm to fork and by identifying quality and safety parameters to help food producers, the h-ALO project will contribute keeping the European small and medium-sized farming competitive on the market.