“Advanced materials and sensing devices towards integrated systems for biodiagnostics, food safety, and environmental monitoring”

23-27 October, 2023 | National Research Council (CNR), Bologna (Italy)

23 October 2023

24 October 2023

25 October 2023

26 October 2023

27 October 2023

About the School

The Training School consists in a 5-days program where the main topics discussed will comprehend photonic/electronic sensing systems, smart-system integration, and advanced data management, with special attention to the transfer of the knowledge acquired in h-ALO, a multidisciplinary and research-oriented project. The school will contribute to young researchers’ professional development and will allow them to familiarize with the developed new tools and solutions proposed.


National Research Council (CNR) | Bologna

Address: Via Piero Gobetti, 101, 40129 Bologna BO

Full Agenda & Registrations



  • 14:30 – 16:30 | Workshops*

– ROSA Lateral Flow Fast Screening Technologies in Dairy products, past, present and smart future | Wilbert Kokke (Charm Science)

– Rapid testing for food and environmental safety: contaminants in milk and flowers  | Dr. Jeroen Peters (Wageningen Food Safety Research)

*Each workshop lasts one hour and is held twice, to allow participants to attend to both the activities.



  • 14:00 – 14:45 | The Single-Molecule with a Large-Transistor (SiMoT) Technology for translational medicine | Luisa Torsi (University of Bari)
  • 14:45 – 16:45 | Workshops*

– 14:45 – 16:45 | Molecular bio-recognition based on surface plasmon resonance in portable and miniaturized sensor systems | Emilia Benvenuti (CNR) | Eliana Manobianco  (PLASMORE)

14:45 – 16:45 | Workshop on the Integration of photodiode and Bluetooth  | Johan Söderlind Åström (RISE) and Abdulrahman Kanaa (RISE)

*Each workshop lasts one hour and is held twice, to allow participants to attend to both the activities.



  • 14:00-15:00 | Round table
  • 15:00 – 17:30 | Extra activity > Guided tour of the photo exhibition Visual Spaces of Today at the MAST Foundation 
  • 20:00 | Social Dinner at Osteria Solferino, via Solferino 39°, 40124 Bologna



  • 14:00 – 16:00 | Contest: “Shape and ground your ideas! What challenges in biodiagnostics and agrifood/environmental monitoring do you think need urgent solutions?  Participants will work in groups to examine and propose new sensing tools.”


Please find below some indications and suggestions to plan your permanence in Bologna during the h-ALO training school, which will take place in the CNR research area in Via Piero Gobetti, 101

How to reach the h-ALO training school:

  • If you plan your permanence in the city centre, the following areas are the most comfortable to stay for reaching the CNR by public transports:
  1. Via dei Mille; Via Irnerio (where you can take bus 37 – https://www.tper.it/bo-37 or bus 87 – https://www.tper.it/bo-87)
  2. Bologna Central Train Station; Piazza dell’Unità (where you can take bus 34 – https://www.tper.it/bo-34 or bus 37 – https://www.tper.it/bo-37 )

List of suggested hotels in Bologna:

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