3 – 4 June 2024

We are thrilled to share the success of the h-ALO Final Event, which took place over two exciting days at the prestigious Confagricoltura premises and The Circle HQ in Rome. This event marked the culmination of four years of groundbreaking research and collaboration, showcasing the incredible advancements made by the h-ALO Project in agrifood technology.

Day 1: Insightful Discussions and Presentations

The event kicked off with welcome greetings and introductions from Dr. Daniele Rossi (CONF), setting the stage for a day filled with insightful discussions and presentations.

Highlights of the day included:

  • A discussion on food safety led by European Food Law expert Ferdinando Albisinni (AIDA, UNITUS).
  • A discussion on food quality with Laura Mongiello (Consiglio dell’Ordine Nazionale dei Tecnologi Alimentari), offering deep insights into mild technologies in the food industry.
  • Presentation of the h-ALO project results: Stefano Toffanin (CNR) discussed the concept of the h-ALO sensor and major outputs, emphasizing the project’s goal: “To give the farmers what they need.”
  • Andreas Morschhauser (ENAS) and Ronald Van Doorn (INN) shared key insights from their respective areas of expertise.
  • Jeroen Peters (WAGENINGEN) provided a detailed overview of biosensing for food-safety threats, focusing on pesticides and heavy metals.

After a refreshing coffee break, the session continued with:

  • Andreas Morschhauser (ENAS) discussing spectrometry and measurement system management with ENAS – Greener project.
  • A round table and stakeholder feedback session moderated by Giovanni Gioia (Presidente ANGA – Giovani di Confagricoltura), which included valuable input from the End-users committee.
  • Conclusions by Dr. Daniele Rossi and Stefano Toffanin, wrapping up the day’s fruitful discussions.

Day 2: Hands-On Testing and Demonstrations

The second day took us to The Circle’s circular aquaponics farm on the outskirts of Rome. Here, participants experienced rapid on-site testing in a real-world setting. WFSR tests were applied to detect pesticides and heavy metals, with results confirming the farm’s sustainable practices were free from the assessed contaminants. This practical demonstration highlighted the project’s success in creating impactful, eco-friendly solutions.

A Heartfelt Goodbye

As we bid farewell to our partners who joined us in Rome, we reflected on the incredible journey of the h-ALO Project. From innovative research to practical applications, the event underscored the project’s profound impact on agrifood technology and sustainability.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible and to all our partners for their dedication and collaboration. The h-ALO Project has truly set a new standard in agrifood innovation, and we are excited about the future possibilities it has unlocked.