2 May 2022

h-ALO project is using a special technology to achieve its goals: photonics. It is an innovative technology with extraordinary potential capabilities in terms of speed and precision.

Let’s go in depth and find out together some details about photonics.

Photonics is the branch of optics that studies the methods of controlling the propagation of the photons that make up light. The term covers all processes that use coherent electromagnetic radiation in science (medicine, biology, and technologies), but not including lighting with simple and conventional optical sources but understanding lasers and LEDs.

Photon applications use photon in the same way electronic applications use electron. Devices that work with light have several advantages over electrical ones. Light travels at about 10 times the speed of electricity, which means that photonically transmitted data can travel long distances in a fraction of the time. In addition, visible and infrared light beams, unlike electric currents, pass without interacting, thus avoiding interference.

And it is precisely the ICT – Information and communication technology sector that is most affected because it is driven by the increase in the use of data and the increasing number of Internet users. Technological advances in the field of ICT technology, such as digitization and high-speed internet connectivity in fiber optics, should boost the photonics market.

Do you want to discover something about the specific fields in which photonics can grow or it’s growing? Stay tuned and check h-ALO website for the next blog post!