04 October 2022

RME2022 was the 14th conference in the Rapid Methods Europe series dedicated to innovations and breakthroughs in rapid analysis & diagnostics across the agri-food, water, animal health and healthcare sectors. The conference was hold from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2022 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

RME2022 was teargeted at a wide range of scientists, technologists, and professionals wishing to gain insight into innovations and breakthroughs in rapid analysis & diagnostics. Attending the conference was an invaluable opportunity for laboratory managers and technicians, food safety and quality assurance/quality control managers, technical managers, industrial and water treatment operators, veterinary diagnosticians, healthcare professionals, plant breeders, forensic scientists, and others interested in rapid analysis & diagnostics.

At the conference, the CLUSTER ECREAM organized a special session about: ADVANCED PHOTONICS FOR FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY TESTING Coordinated by the European Cluster of Research projects for Environmental and Agri-food Monitoring (ECREAM), a group of EU projects working in the area of environmental and food monitoring.

The Project Coordinator, Stefano Toffanin, was present on the 4th of October with a speech entitled “A fully integrated optical biosensor for plasmonic-based quantitative detection of multiple analytes from milk (‘h-ALO’ and ‘MOLOKO’ projects)”.