15 September 2022

The ERN is a good opportunity for citizens to meet researchers and understand how Europe can support research. The theme proposed for the forthcoming edition of ERN (2022 – 2023) is riPENSAci, which literally means think twice i.e., think carefully, but also think again: look at things from a different perspective. The emphasis here is on thinking, a sorely needed attitude at this time in history, but also on the need to re-think our understanding of reality and progress.

The message that the project intends to convey regards the importance of Research and researchers as a powerful resource we can rely on in the challenge for a more sustainable future at the center of which are new relationships between humankind, other species and the environment.

Moreover, it is important to demonstrate to the youngest, and in particular to the girls, that participating in the ERN represents an opportunity to find positive stimuli to pursue a career in the world of research, thus making an active contribution to solving the problems that make us perceive the future uncertain and threatening.

The European Researcher’s Night will be held in Bologna, in Piazza Lucio Dalla on 30/09. At the event there will be a stand organized by the CNR in which h-ALO will also be present. There will also be interactive sessions where the research results will be presented to citizens.