28 October 2021

Our project partner Confagricoltura is taking part in ECOMONDO 2021, the international reference event for the ecological transition and new models of a circular and regenerative economy. Ecomondo is held in Rimini (Italy) from October 26th to 29th, 2021 and it is back in presence after the stop imposed by the health emergency.
Ecomondo represents a moment of discussion about issues linked to climate change, food waste, bioeconomy, agro-forestry, green infrastructure, agro-energy, all topics that will be explored by Confagricoltura in the conferences promoted at the fair or in which it participates.
Confagricoltura is present with its exhibition area (075 in the Bioeconomy pavilion D1) to disseminate its interesting innovation, and research initiatives, including activities performed within the h-ALO project.

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Confagricoltura at ECOMONDO 2021
h-ALO at ECOMONDO 2021