18 November 2022

We are happy to invite you to the first webinar of the h-ALO project that will be organized on Wednesday, November 30th at 3:00 PM.

The webinar will be on “Biosensing for food safety, quality and authenticity” and will be presented by our partner Jeroen Peters from WAGENINGEN University and Research.

“Biosensors represent an important tool in food and environmental analysis. Fast screening of biological and chemical contaminants is one of the key evolving issues challenging the assessment of food and environmental safety. The food-safety concept entails the production and the commercialization of food which do not represent a risk to the consumer, so it must be free from allergens, pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, organic compounds, pathogens and natural toxins. The development of bio-recognition assays endowed with high sensitivity, speed and portability represents a key element in food diagnostics and analysis. Low-budget instrumentation with stable and reliable biosensors for the multiplex and on-site monitoring of food contaminants are very interesting to replace the single assays that are specific for just one target and thereby substantially decreasing the workload.”