27 June 2022

The second End-Users Committee workshop has been organized to co-define with the end-users the most relevant information to be reported in the h-ALO Test Manager application.

The workshops were moderated by the 7BULLS team in two session, on 4th and 27th May 2022 who interviewed the invited stakeholders from the End-Users Committee to collect their wants and needs concerning the h-ALO online platform. According to end-users’ feedback, the h-ALO Test Manager application should allow to register results of tests for contaminants and to quickly identify if there is a problem or if that a problem may raise in the near future. Furthermore, end-users expressed their interest in integrating the platform with some specific features. Among the others, there are the possibility to show a trend of the measured values during a selected time, the possibility to customize the threshold and to assign a color code to results, and the ability to export data.