21 April 2021 

On April 20th, 2021 the h-ALO consortium organized the first online stakeholders workshop entitled “h-ALO meets the End-Users”. During the workshop, Confagricoltura and CNR presented an overview on trends in the Agrifood system and illustrated in more detail the h-ALO project goals, highlighting the fundamental role that end-users play in the design and validation of the sensor. Moreover, ISZVe showed results of the survey they conducted amongst the EUC to better understand the needs and perspectives of end-users and prioritize analyte of interest in the 4 food-chains. Afterward a fruitful discussion amongst h-ALO partners and invited stakeholders was opened to better understand how to address as much as possible end users requests while keeping in mind the technical limitations of the sensor.

The debate was very lively and brought to the attention of the Consortium some key considerations. From one side, the correspondence between the objectives and ambitions of the h-ALO project and end-users needs and requirements was confirmed. End-users showed enthusiasm and interest in the h-ALO sensor, recognizing it as a useful and user-friendly tool for the safety and quality monitoring of their products. From the other side, it emerged the need to check the feasibility of extending the number of target analytes in the 4 food chains according to the end-users’ inputs.

For attending the workshop and for the fruitful discussion, we thank all end-users and experts from:

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